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Welcome To The Big Picture Wall

What is the Big Picture Wall? The Big Picture Wall will be the saviour of the Sporting Motorcycle Club and McAdam Park, Barrabool, Australia.

McAdam Park is one of Australia's most iconic motocross tracks and the Sporting Motorcycle Club (SMCC) is one of the country's oldest sport motorcycle clubs. But we need your help, the land that our club is on is up for sale and we need cash! What we're asking is that every motorcycling fan, every person who has ever felt the freedom of the sport and every person who wants to help this great club and institution survive reach into their pocket and sponsor a tile on the Big Picture Wall.

The Big Picture Wall is a digital creation for now, it's a virtual wall that you can sponsor tiles on and have your name up there for all to see. Once all the tiles are sold the Wall will be built at McAdam Park, a 16 metre long wall with your name engraved on your ceramic tile as a monument to everyone who participated in the Save Barrabool Campaign and secured the future of this fantastic complex.

We can save Barrabool but we need people to show their support by buying a tile. Once we have those tiles sold and all those names up on the Wall we are home and hosed!

So have a look around, the Big Picture Wall website has loads of interactive features for visitors, you can browse the Wall itself below and check out what our tile sponsors have to say, we're sure you'll recognise some of the riders names. There's plenty of information about the campaign and also pics of the complex, both present and our plans for the future.

Get your name on that list of sponsors on the website and then feel proud to say "I helped Save Barrabool!" If we sell all the tiles on the Wall we will have raised $1.5M which is enough to secure McAdam Park for us and future generations. Help us keep McAdam Park, Barrabool alive!!!